More than 700 REDCap users at CHOP….

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is now used by more than 700 people at CHOP.  This free and secure data management system was implemented at CHOP in 2009, mainly for use in Research studies (  REDCap is easy to use; more than 500 Research projects have been created in REDCap at CHOP, mostly by study team members.

New Features for 2012

New features are regularly added to REDCap. The most recently implemented feature is the Data Quality module. It is now possible to create rules to assist in locating data discrepancies. These rules can be customized in each project and can be executed at any time during the study.

Other new and exciting features are slated for implementation in 2012:

  1. Missing Data Management
  2. Data Quality Workflow, End-User Messaging, etc.
  3. Randomization module
  4. New optional project modification settings (users will be able to approve their own prod changes, edit/add events, etc.)
  5. Survey upgrades
    • Allow multiple surveys per project
    • Automatic survey invitations email based upon event timelines
  6. Ability to import data using a ‘light’ adjudication process
  7. New metadata field as a “catch-all” (can be used for storing field-level standards information)
  8. Data Import: Import multiple events at once (using redcap_event_name variable)
  9. Rework and merge the Report Builder and Data Export Tool
    • Display/export the data access group name
    • Limit records exported to a specified data access group
    • Create and save specific exports
    • Export a subset of records
    • Multiple limiters
  10. Pre-populate data in fields (i.e. default values)
  11. Asynchronous project (i.e. running REDCap on laptops w/o WiFi)
  12. Matrix-formatted question types
  13. “Calculations” from “calc” fields resulting in text or dates

How do I learn to use REDCap?

CBMi has created a document entitled ‘REDCap Getting Started…’ to provide general guidance on the use of REDCap and data management best practice.  There is also a new “REDCap Overview” video (78 min), which is now available within REDCap version 4.8.0. This video really is the best introduction to REDCap– it is detailed, yet simple and straightforward. It is very informative and very well done. I recommend this video to anyone wanting to gain a solid understanding of REDCap, to learn what it is capable of doing and how it may be used most effectively.

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