CHOP CBMi Team Working to Create Health Informatics Community in Botswana

CHOP’s Jonathan Crossette and CBMI’s Dr. Tony Luberti played integral roles in organizing the Botswana Health Informatics Pitso 2012, a conference whose primary objective is to define health informatics and its role in the country of Botswana.  Additionally, discussions will address the foundation for a national health informatics community.

Working remotely via Skype, Luberti and Crossette were able to provide the necessary guidance to local staff regarding conference logistics and both will be on the ground in Botswana for the June 12 event. Dr. John Holmes, distinguished informatics expert from the University of Pennsylvania, is a keynote and will be joined by speakers from institutions in South Africa and Zambia  in an effort to build South-to-South collaboration.  The afternoon sessions will consist of panel discussions focused on capacity building for the future.

The CHOP team has been involved this global health initiative since its inception in 2008, working with the Penn’s Dr. Carrie Kovarik, a dermatologist and informatician, and the Botswana-UPenn Partnership.

Following the conference, the team will participate in a faculty workshop with the University of Botswana Allied Health Sciences, including the School of Medicine, to discuss faculty development in the area of informatics including how to develop the needed capacity and leadership.

More information can be found about this event here.


About Donna Vito

Outreach Manager, Department of Biomedical & Health Informatics The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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