Broad Institute’s Director of Informatics Dr. Toby Bloom speaking at CHOP, December 6, 2012

Dr. Toby Bloom has been the director of informatics for the genome sequencing group at the Broad Institute since 2001. She is an authority on all things related to Next Generation Sequencing data management, including data sharing in the cloud. Today she will present, “What breaks next? Challenges of Informatics for Next-Gen Sequencing”, to an audience of researchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Bloom will also be meeting with several groups at CHOP throughout the day.

Toby Bloom, PhD

Toby Bloom, PhD

The Broad’s Genome Sequencing Platform designs and carries out large-scale genome sequencing projects, together with groups throughout the Broad community. Genomes of interest include human, mammals, fish, insects, fungi, plants, bacteria and viruses. The platform was a leading contributor to the Human Genome Project (which reached its completion in 2003), is the flagship of the NIH-funded Mammalian Genome Project and an NIH Microbial Sequencing Center. This group generates the massive quantities of genomic data, in excess 50 billion bases of DNA sequence per year, needed to assemble rough draft sequences of entire genomes.


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